Wonder Week

A friend of mine introduced a new term “wonder week”. Apparently it’s about these weeks when your little one is grumpy for no reasons. My little girl seems like going through one of these weeks in the last few days. “Lots of cuddles and patience are needed.” She said.

The source of this term is from a book she read recently, and I just wonder how can she find time to read? Or am I just such a lazy mum? Anyway, the same like last few nights, she’s been quite unsettled during the night. I try to feed her in bed so I can close my eyes and get some rest. Turned out, my sleep wasn’t constant, my wrists were sore, and I still feel quite sleepy.

No matter how many times I told myself that just put her back to the cot after night feeding, but I just can’t resist that cutest angel-like face, eventually I found myself woke up again and again with her right next to me.

Now is 1:40am, she’s been sleeping for nearly 6hours, 1st time after 6days of unsettling night.  I’m up now because of my new habit in the “wonder week”, now I better get back to sleep and just let the time do the “wonder”.

Good night xx

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