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7 days trip to Beijing, one 2 year old, one hubby, one computer, two luggages, and came back without one single blog. Apologies everyone.

Seriously I have no idea how others did it, always always travel back with loads of words, maybe I was just being lazy?

It’s a few days late but all the wonderful memories are safely stored in my brain, so here we go, our beautiful journey to the capital city of China.

Day before the trip

Remember my previous blog regarding the packing for the trip with a littlie? The older they get, the easier I thought it would get, but in the matter of fact, it wasn’t the case. So packing tip always changes along the age. But one thing I find always the same, I pack for my little Zonni ways more than ours at all time.

“We need to make this as simple as we can since we need to push the stroller as well.” Initial thinking from us. However, she is a two-year-old not 6 months anymore, snack is a must in our hand luggage, but she can also eat a bit whatever we are having. Actually, we try to lighten our hand luggage as much as possible simply because this little lady is more than 12kg and active like a little wild horse, what makes it even “better” is that she doesn’t always want to be in the stroller or walking, hence, carrying is needed quite often. And funny enough, she likes to say “mama carry”. As you can imagine, hand luggage won’t be handy. Frankly, we do some time miss when she could be carried in the carrier, but I won’t turn back time, its so much fun now, and I believe it only can be more and more fun down the track. I love the interaction when I carry her and ask her questions, she will answer me using her own combination of languages and words, if she doesn’t know what to answer, she would be hiding her face in my neck, and give me a big cuddle. Now it’s the time when she starts copying us a big time, so these interactions occupy lots of our energy and time, and result in loads of our happy time.

In that case, some of our old tips won’t be suitable for this phase and need some adjustment.

Tip 1: lessen your hand luggage and try to stuff all things in the checked luggage.

You won’t be happy when the little one just target on you as a carrier, in my case, only mama. Don’t take me wrong, her daddy is really keen, but every time when we’re away from home, little Zonni is always extremely clingy towards me. So think again when we were packing, make sure the hand luggage we have can be handled by one person.

Tip 2: Stroller is always a good idea even though we travel with a toddler.

When it comes to the energy consumption, nothing can beat running after a little walker (toddler). Buying one of those umbrella stroller was such a wise move of us. For our family, this was quite a good investment since we love doing trips.

Tip 3: Bring loads of clothes for the little one

Trust me, you really don’t want to do any laundry. Well, if you travel for weeks or months, then it will be a different story. Our trip was in late summer in China so things are light, I picked 3 sets of clothes for little Zonni per day.

Tip 4:  Do research on public transport, particularly the subway system if available and calling taxi.

Use us as example, we did learn a lesson on the taxi system in Beijing. No one there  nowadays calls a taxi on the street,  which made it super difficult for us. Locals all use a mobile app to order and pay their taxi(s), which is supposed to be efficient and convenient for them, but for us travellers, it was a nightmare. Thank goodness the subway system in Beijing was simple, clear and cheap too, so we made the most of it. However, avoid the traffic hour, especially with a toddler in the stroller, you have to prepare growing some muscles to carry the whole package up and down the stairs.

Honestly speaking, Beijing isn’t the most baby friendly place to travel to, not all subways have escalators, shopping centres lack of baby changing rooms. But September is the best season to travel there, and once you’ve been to the summer palace, forbidden city and climbed the great wall, all the labour is worth it! Plus, kids grow up wherever, and there will be always a way around. As long as enough homework is done, being adjustable and appreciating the view on the road, you will forget all the flaws and will only remember the good times and the fun you had!!

I won’t guarantee that I will tell you the details of every single day of our trips but I will make sure more notes of our adventures are coming up so I can share some of our thoughts and experience with you, hope that helps.


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