Travelling with Bub – Doubts


This is something about travelling with bub: very interesting, exciting and exhausting!!!

Me and hubby are two restless souls who are addicted to travelling, big or small, doesn’t matter. As long as we can explore something different, we’re happy. Once our little girl came along, seems like it’s been a while since we sang our favorite song: “on the road again…”

Finally back in November the Christmas holiday was  coming closer,  so I went to book a holiday for us…behind hubby’s back. Of course, with the quote “couples tell each other everything”, I couldn’t go far without exposing my plan.

Simply there are just 2 reasons, you can’t hide a big cash withdraw from the “holiday account” & basically I just suck at arranging this.

Hubby was quite up for it, but his negative nagging dutch spirit still won’t give in by telling me a list of stuff I needed to think about.

“How about her passport? You will have to apply for that and it takes a long time yeah? ”

“What about bringing a portable cot?”

“Are we gonna bring our own car seat or rent one? ”

“We have to bring pram but it’s quite big for the trip.”

“She’s gonna fly, you’re familiar with the stories that babies cry even scream during the flight huh?”


I can’t shut him up but interestingly, I have a complete checklist formed in my head while hubby was bombing me with all the doubts regarding travelling with bub.

Here, I’m going to share some of  experiences of  our very first big trip with the little one. May not be the whole picture but you definitely will get the essence. Hope it helps.


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