Traditional vs Online Shopping: PROS & CONS

5:04pm, little Zonni has already napped for 3 hours, need to wake her up. But let me just use 10 minutes to put some words down.

This morning we were talking about buying stuff for bubbas, which has become quite a popular topic ever since our little ones were born. You can’t imagine how impulsive you can be,  before you became a parent. And now… I have to say admit: I NEED HELP!

So I’m glad my friend Beca found the solution– ONLINE SHOPPING!

It’s so convenient  nowadays that you can buy everything from the internet without getting out of the door.

The biggest con is that the stuff they sell online is not expensive…at all! Yes yes I can hear some of you might say, you’re still spending $$ and the goods might not be as nice as you see in the stores. Sure, I can’t agree more, and as Beca said:” hello everyone, I’m Beca and I am an Aliexpress-addict.”

To be honest, I do love shopping in store and have a feel of the materials. However, buying a bib in the shop cost me $8 when I can get one for just $1 without shipping., I do have made my choice.

“This Aliexpress thing is just crazy! My mum is on it like 24/7 to get stuff for her little grand daughter.” Friend Kylie said.

“Totally, you can even contact them simultaneously if you have any questions, and there’s no issue to get refund if you’re not happy with the products. So far I haven’t come across any, fingers crossed. My husband just hates the site because I’m using it too much, also he loves it since its dirt cheap. ” Beca stressed. retail vs online shopping for little ones - crazy momretail vs online shopping for little ones - laptop

” I’m afraid of using it just because I can easily get lost in this massive online shopping mall. As eventually I get more than what I need.” I laughed and told the truth.

What’s my point?

My point is to let all the Proud Mommy and Daddies know, based on my own experience, if you shop for your little ones, combine traditional & online shopping altogether. Get the non-essentials from online stores since you’re not in a rush to use them and prefer to get a bargain with fine value. However, Aliexpress is a great place for deals, but other online shopping platforms shouldn’t be neglected either, for one reason, awesome quality, (e.g. madeit and Etsy. In a sunny day like this, take your little angle out for a window shopping day and explore the local goodies would be a fine idea as well, simply because its a healthier way of living. I assume we all need fresh air huh?

Of course, most importantly, SET A VERY STRICT BUDGET! There’s so many other things worth of spending.

Just a quick thinking before the weekend and Christmas season jump in 🙂

Here’s a link regarding shopping for babies, maybe you can get some practical hints.





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