Tiffany vs Comfort zone

Today is a brilliant day to go out, the sun is shining, baby girl is happy, shopping centre is having a sale…..

Put on my big fatty crocs, thinking:” this is so comfy but will Tiffany let me in?” Don’t think I’m a shopaholic, I just have this fancy habit to say hi to Tiffany once in a while. It’s close to Christmas anyway.

I took my crocs off, a bit nervous that I might not fit into my old shoes anymore. “I’m getting fat”is like a scheduled sentence in my mind every day now.

In the last  year and half, I have been used to the bigger size clothes, chubby slippers and maternity pants, and i really feel comfortable in them too. now I have the urge to try my old shoes, don’t know why I was even encouraging myself like its a competition.

What happen is 1 year and half is enough to create new life routine and new comfort zone, so now it’s getting hard to jump out of the comfort zone and even changing my shoes!

As a new mom, I need to redefine myself, however, life goes on. I need to get out of the comfort zone and seek for new challenges. Start with putting on my old leather shoes and normal jeans!

Well, after a long walk, (plus some Tiffany window shopping)  my feet hurt!! But I know I’m getting back the track, one step at a time!

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