Teething – What to do?

Teething, what a scary word! I even feel ouch when I’m thinking about it.

Our little girl Zoni is teething and so are her other little friends. And all the support we can get is the text messages we sent among moms, words that calm ourselves and the positive spirit we pass on to each other. Love my mommy friends! They are my remedies when stress kicks in.

Teething is one of these phases that you wish your kids can skip, but the fact is that it won’t go away for a while and when it happens, its really stressful. You won’t get any notice but deal with it anytime as it requires, and nothing worse that seeing your child suffering and you can’t take the pain away for them. Tricky part is that it always choose to get things running during the night, when you just sit on your bum after a long day, ready for some TV; or the dinner was finally cooked and you were going to eat but all you can hear is the helpless crying from your babies. Always always, you get only 1 second to prepare before the teething announce its arrival.

For tips see here..

Good luck & please feel free to add your own tips below.





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