Taking turns in Parenting

Can’t remember when was the last time I’ve been so efficient! Did 2 laundries after grocery shopping, dinner is nearly done and washed all the dishes, and now I even got time to sit down watching some Australian open while enjoying a cuppa.

Tip?! Sending hubby to walk the dog in the park with the baby. I have to say, I’m quite proud of my smart hubby. Don’t know about others, but it takes 6 months for him to take the baby out about by himself the first time, for an hour, and manage to send no message calling for help.

Everyone is different in terms of taking pace to adjust into the new role of becoming a parent. With the mother instinct and more time spending with your bubba, you get to know your baby (mostly) quicker than your better half. Sometimes you may lo0se a bit of patience and wonder why they’re not on the same channel like you, but you might just quit thinking that way and start telling what you expect from them. When you’re trying to be a good parent, you’ll be surprised how eager you want to learn.

So, taking turns to be with your precious little one and enjoy some quality time of yours.

Have a fun parent-hood!



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