Baby First swimming class

11th march, sitting up by herself the very first time.

13th march, trying her first formula, just to get used to some new flavor.

14th march, little Zonni went to her very first swimming class. What a busy week! Once I’m started thinking about her wearing that red watermelon swimming suit kicking the water, I can’t stop smiling. I am so proud of my girl!

Living in Australia, swimming seems like a compulsory surviving skill. So enrolling her into the swimming class is a must. For me, shopping for her swimming suit is way easier than taking her to the pool.

Finding a nice swimming class can be quite overwhelming. When I typed in “swimming class” in our neighborhood, surprisingly many of them poppedSwimming Class - Learn how to Swim out and all of a sudden I couldn’t choose.

However, its nice to have options eventually, all you have to do is making a list in your mind or on paper regarding the ideal swimming centre.

Our requirements were simple, close to home, nice staff and a clean facility. And… whatever comes along with it can be a bonus.

We ended up with 2 choices. GESAC has quite a great reputation, even one of my friends goes there with her little girl and loves it. Its a 15 minutes drive from home. Another one is a Cheltenham leisure centre which has multiple pools, hubby went swimming there once and wasn’t that impressed, but its a 5 minutes walk from home. “ We can go have a look altogether”, hubby suggested.

Inspection is essential, you pay quite a bit after all and you deserve to know all about it. I first called to check whether the staff there is friendly and patient (note ask as many questions as possible). When you go there, check the family changing area; cleanness of the pool; size of the classes, i.e. how many kids in the group to check whether they were telling the truth; the tempreture of the water and environment in general.

At the end, we are lucky to be able to book little Zonni in for a few Saturday classes for this term at the leisure centre, just to have a feel. The first swimming class is quite exciting and exhausting for her and daddy, which was what we expected. Location is perfect for us; environment is quite warm and clean, suitable for little ones. Facility is simpler than GESAC, it doesn’t have other water activities or attractions. However, staffs are quite nice, which is a plus. For our 8months little Zonni, its enough for now.



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