Some thoughts to start my day…

Hubby was asking me why haven’t I written anything for such a long time, and I honestly have no idea.

“Busy?” You may ask. “Yes and No” to answer the question. Busy as usual, looking after my little Zonni and dealing with this and that trifle stuff back home. My life at the moment is like a text book with no schedule.

If I have to write, there are so many things I want to put down but no specific ones that can fill a full page. That’s why I haven’t been writing lately.

After a year being a stay-at-home mum, I can’t help feeling content and happy, also lazy time to time; meanwhile I am strongly intending to do something different, even though I don’t what to do. “No time?” You might wonder. “Yes and No” the same answer again. I do have spare time while little one is napping, I do have time when she’s playing by herself like right now, I do have some time during the night after she goes to sleep, and lucky for us, she’s been sleeping through the night mostly since she was 6 months old. But I need to clean up the mess when she’s resting, I do want to sit down for a bit have a cuppa when she’s playing, and after she goes to bed at night, hubby came home after work, you just feel like wining down on the couch.

You call this lazy or layback, whatever, but as a common human being and first-time parent, squeezing more energy out and make yourself more disciplined are the two major courses I’m taking.

So if my hubby asks again, here’s something to start with.

Now I have to take the crying little Zonni to check her nappy then go out for a walk before her gymbaroo class.`

Enjoy your day all proud mommies and daddies.



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