Why I should turn my Smart Phone off

Smart hubby was asking me to add more content on the blog, keep writing and come up with more topics. Honestly, 4 full days of work, part-time study and rush hours of the day looking after little Zonni after work kinda wore me out.

Now, I’m at work and luckily its quiet so I have a few minutes to shout out on the paper.

There are soo many things I can talk about, food, funfair for bubbas, new teething phase of little Zonni, shopping for/with the toddler and travel, but today, I want to focus on one “lover” that nearly everyone has in 21st century— cell phone/smart phone.

It won’t be strange to see friends, couples and family members are thumb playing the tablets or smart phone while no talking in the air as this is an universal phenomenon nowadays. Do not underestimate it, its like a chronicle disease, slowly eating our normal life and destroying the relationships and special personal bonds of our precious daily life.

As a mum of one little toddler, I myself have to confess I used to have quite a bad habit of using my phone while pushing the pram. No matter how much you multitask, when you see your little one trying to copy you holding a fake phone shaped item all the time and pretend to be talking. It does make you rethink about your behaviour.

Now I have made myself a list of actions I need to put into practice, so to decrease using the phone and have more human contact. Starting from not using the smart phone in front of little Zonni. All I have to do is tick them off my list.

Just went to the bathroom without my phone, another one got ticked off! Maybe next one would be no Pinterest in bed before I go to sleep?

Well done!


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