Nap-time – one key word for creating a good sleeping routine

I have been struggling with one thing recently, little Zonni’s nap during the day. It wasn’t a big problem for me in the last few months until now. She was always a good sleeper and the daily nap was one of her favorite things, well one of mine too.

However, since the beginning of this week, the week she is turning 8 months old, she became more active and grumpy during the day and started having trouble falling asleep during the night.

I can’t help asking myself a question: How many hours does she need to nap during the day anyway? Does the old napping routine still work on her or do I need to recreate and adjust it into a new routine?

One of my friends in the mommy group told me that she has this book she read (gosh how can she find time to read I wonder) as a reference, that every baby is different and of course they all have their own sleeping routine; but normally along the age, the pattern will change. About 2 to 2 1/2 hours during the day for them to nap is enough, anything more than that will cause them fighting to sleep during the night. So here I am, surfing online trying to find some professional information and source to confirm her advice. And this is what I  found, just as a reference:

For the new born from 1-4 weeks, they need 15-16 hours per day to sleep. As new born, 15 hours is the minimum, some babies even sleep for 18 hours. For these pre-mature babies, they need even more time to sleep. New born babies don’t have sense of time, neither day and night. So, during this stage, they don’t have a fixed sleeping routine. In the afternoon, they might be sleeping or are awake.

For babies from 1 to 4 months old, they need to sleep for 14-15 hours. One month old babies normally have their own sleeping routine. They usually can sleep for 4-5 hours at once, mostly during the night. During this stage, they can tell the difference between day and night.

For infants from 4 to 12 months old, they also need to sleep for 14-15 hours,  15 hours is the best though. When they are 11 months old, they only sleep for about 12 hours. At this time, their sleeping routine is strongly effected by their parents’ way of sleeping. If parents don’t have a good sleeping habit, it will have a negative impact on forming a good sleeping routine for their children along their childhood.

Before 12 months old, 2 to 3 naps during the day can be normal and essential. Nice naps can help babies to have a better sleep during the night, however, it should not be too long. 1 to 2 hours should be enough. Try to wake your littlie up if she naps longer than 2 hours to avoid the fight during the night.

Some tips for creating a high quality nap:

1, Try to calm the baby down for 30 mins to 1 hour, to prevent the little one from being too excited.

2, Don’t put the baby to sleep when she is thirsty and/or hungry.

3, Maintain a quiet environment but don’t go extreme.

4, Along the growth of the baby, you can’t expect everything remain the same, prepare for the changes and be ready to adjust to it accordingly.

Hope this helps!

When change comes, you might feel bad because you don’t know anything, you didn’t read enough like me, or have no idea whether you’re doing anything wrong. Don’t be, trying to figure it out means you’re on the right track and believe in yourself that you’re doing a good job as a parent. All we need to do is to embrace and adjust the change, enjoy growing altogether with your little star.

Have fun with your new knowledge and good luck to us all!




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