Best of piece of advice for during your pregnancy: SLEEP

Time flies when you’re busy, this includes expecting. Here I am, the second week already of my maternity leave.

Recently I’ve been reading a lot about birth and childcare, either from magazine or book. There’ s a book called Pregnancy day-by-day, which was lent to me by a friend of mine. She’s a quite lovely French lady, migrated here years ago, married a Queenslander and now settled in Melbourne, has one son, so far the cutest boy I’ve ever seen. Well, pretty sure I’ll say my own baby is the most adorable one once I see her/him, that’s how parents always think of their children I assume.

The book is quite in detail explaining how baby grow inside of you each day, plus some useful information and discussion from midwife and doctor, which clears the air out.

Days ago,  I saw her and she was very happy for me to start my leave and having my baby soon, also, a piece of advice from her:

“Sleep as much as you can since it’ll be quite a while before you can do that again.”

Advice taken and I will absolutely follow that advice; sleep in without guilt, how nice!

This moment I’m listening to some jazz, music of freedom, which the baby has strong reaction towards. Honestly, my little one is quite musical, and I’m happy about that.

Now time to take a well deserved & nice nap!

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