RSI with a new Baby

After weeks of self-denial, I finally made my way to the GP regarding my hand wrist pain. Not surprised, there was something wrong, and the doctor assumed straight away it’s RSI (Repetitive strain injury). An upside of becoming a parent is that your vocabulary definitely increases…

GP wouldn’t give you much treatment but at least they can refer you to someone specialised in certain areas.
So I was referred to a hand therapist, and luckily I was managed to get an appointment within a week. I believe all mums are tough, and stubborn, well, for example, me. I have been postponing seeing a doctor since I didn’t think it was a big deal and it will go away by itself, so I can keep focus on taking care of the little one. But trust me, it won’t. And it will get worse if you don’t seek for professional help. It might take some time and you will be told to rest. But its better than ignoring the injury and one day you feel difficult to even pick up a spoon to feed the baby. Personal story and now I have to say, lesson learnt.

RSI is quite common for mums, particularly new mums like me. With no experience looking after little ones, getting RSI could be quite easy, even just from holding the baby and pick the baby up. Since you have to do that many times a day and mostly enjoy doing it, you don’t really think that’s a hazard.

So if you haven’t suffered from RSI, good on you and keep up the great job! But if you’re on of these “lucky” ones like me (just kidding), you can either Google, which I found quite overwhelming by the amount of different information; or, better you can go and get a checkup from a GP or directly go see a hand therapist if you know one. Another tip from my therapist is that heat packs and a gentle massage of the muscles around your lower arm would be helpful as well to ease the symptoms of RSI.

Good luck!

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