Royal Botanic Gardens Picnic

Just tried nearly 30 minutes putting little Zonni down for a nap, 3 pm, fingers crossed hoping she can at least sleep for an hour. She had a quite busy morning wondering around with us in a baby expo, then went to a birthday party, dozed off for 15 minutes in the car. And here goes the crying she has when she’s fighting to sleep. The sound is on and off, so I’m writing between the gap…

We had a great weekend, thanks to the gorgeous weather in Melbourne. Had a nice catchup with our friends plus their one year old baby boy. We didn’t go far, and as we always think you really don’t have to travel far to have fun. Packed some boiled corns, cut up some water melon, grabbed a pack of baby cookie, and stuffed a giant picnic blanket, all set and we were ready for a nice sunny day out in the Royal Botanic garden. A short but sweet lunch in the tea house by the water and then we headed down to a piece of flat grass so the little ones can crawl and/ or run around. There was so much laughter, we didn’t even want to leave. The Royal Botanic Garden is just perfect for family picnics!

Another day enjoying the bright sunshine with our little ones, another day witnessing their fast growth.

Love it!


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