One of these restless nights…

I’m having one of those restless nights I guess, just can’t sleep and my mind is over speeding.

Warming up some milk to settle my nerves and letting out my thoughts, this works on me, as always.
Me and hubby were talking nonsense before bed time as usual, baby girl was having a good sleep (based on her cute snore),  that was supposed to be one of the best moments of the day, and he suddenly said:”time to sleep, I have to work, you don’t work.” I know he was just joking around and normally I would not take it seriously, however, I don’t know why that sentence just hit me that second and keeps bugging me.

The truth is I’m not working at the moment, and not sure how  well would I handle my work when I have to get back next year. Most importantly, how can I leave my baby for the whole day while I miss her so much even just leave her with my folks for 2 hours! Its quite sad even just thinking about it, I really need to quit thinking too much!!

I agree to what my hubby said, I am not working ,but honestly, I want to say that this is harder than a job, its a combination of physically and emotionally demanding tasks, with NO PAY, by the way.

Never thought I would be a mum, let alone a mum who is so into her new character, I enjoy every minute of it, including all the challenging moments and happy times.  I am very proud of myself and I will continue being a proud mummy.

1 AM, finished the milk, time to end these restless nights.

Good night all my love!



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