Quit Coffee or Not to Quit Coffee?

Fill me up with coffee!!!!!  Its Tuesday, for me, its my Monday. I’m not complaining here but just having some typical “beginning of the week” symptoms. I NEED SOME COFFEE!!!

Last night me and my smart hubby had a conversation regarding about drinking less or even to quit coffee drinking and it goes like this:

“Do you think coffee makes us less energetic?” he asked.

“Why? Maybe…the more coffee you drink the more you need I guess, its like soft drug and we’re addicts.” I laughed.

“Well…this might make no sense. But I go to gym, sleep well, got my stamina back but still feel a lack of energy.” He wondered.

“Are you saying we should quit coffee?” I turned to him and questioned.


“Haha, its gonna be hard. But maybe just one per day in the morning. And that’s it.” I suggested with some doubts since I don’t think it could be possible to actually quit coffee  that easily. Old habits die hard.. is what people say..
I’m typing while yawning and having my instant coffee at work, how hard working am I?!

I think its time to agree with hubby for once, even though I am the one to be agreeing to most of the time, like 98%.

“Alright, lets start tomorrow with just a cup of long black per day and see how it go.” Less than 24 hours and I betrayed myself. I need to learn from my little Zonni to have a  stronger will.

To give it a kick, I’m making ourselves a yummy and healthy two ingredients persimmon pudding for tonight as the dessert to reward our effort being healthier. Trust me, I’m for a healthy diet but also flavour is very essential to me. Hope you all have a sweet, lovely and inspiring night!



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