Potty Training a Toddler = Hard Work

I am here speaking from the bottom of my heart, that potty training is hard! Harder than we imagined.

Before it all began, we did loads of research and read quite a mount of articles regarding potty training, and the titles created a gigantic bubble for us, AKA we should be able to train our little Zonni in max a week and she’ll be holding our hands walking everywhere without a nappy change, how ideal!


I didn’t mean to offend any smart bubbas and hard working parents, its just not the case here in my little house. The first try was positive for one day, and little zonni did manage to pee in the potty for once, then followed with multiple accidents, totally forgot to count during all the chaotic actions. We did all the cheering and rewarding, hoping this could encourage her to go on her potty.

The second day, she started holding her pee, refused to sit on the potty, suddenly, sitting on the potty got a bit challenging. “Be patient.” I kept telling myself.

The third day, she came to tell me she wanted to sit on the potty every time after she’s already done it, and that just didn’t’ make it easy for me to think she’s ready.

Its hard to get potty training on track, but it’s even harder to admit that your little cutie just isn’t ready after you tried so hard.

Is it a team effort and should we just go with the flow letting her be ready whenever she wants? I couldn’t help asking myself:

“Am I doing this wrong? Should I actually need to accept that little Zonni isn’t ready at all?”

grumpy potty training todler

Pull Ups Vs Underwear

Day four, I discussed with hubby, and we’ve decided to use the pull up nappies instead of panties to decrease the mess as well as her embarrassment. She loved it and was happy walking around just with that. No accidents, no potty time either, but she’s comfortable, that for me counts.


The following two days when she’s in childcare, educators are happy for her to just wear the panties, I agreed. But lesson learnt, someone is willing to handle the mess doesn’t mean your work is done or it’s the right thing to do. You know your own baby better than anyone else. Little Zonni isn’t fond of panties and quite a few accidents happened again. The next day when she was in childcare, she would not even get close to the potty.

Re-planning: Patience

Over the weekend, we started to rethink our potty training method, and we had to take the fact that she’s not ready, pull up would be the first choice for us to get her into the feeling of wetness. Also, pushing the training into a short few days doesn’t suit our baby either, this could be a long process for us.

It’s a relief to think that way, and pull up pants were introduced in a full time base. Since its getting in to the end of summer, running around naked in the house for little Zonni isn’t the option for much longer, so I let her do that as often as she could.

happy pull up pants potty training huggies

Now it’s the second week we do this and she’s been asking to go to potty way more often than before, even there’s barely any action happening on the potty, but she truly enjoys the time sitting on it. We believe there’s the end of the tunnel and sooner than we know, she’ll be ready.

We’re all learning and will definitely keep you up to date about how we go with the potty training.

Thanks for reading all PMDs.



Mom of Little Zonni

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