First period during breastfeeding

Today my little one is turning 16 weeks old, I can’t help but yelling at my puppy:” Time flies!!!” She stared at me like I’m mental.This morning I got my first period since baby girl’s birth. “That’s ODD!” I thought, since my baby brain keeps telling me that I won’t have period during breastfeeding.

I thankful for nowadays technology, so I can find out pretty much anything I want to know. Apparently, not every mum will enjoy 12 month without period, some of them,can get period back as early as 11-12 weeks. In my case, which is 16 weeks, not too bad. To be frank, I was not expecting to have my period back this quickly and can’t say I missed it 🙂

After browsing the internet I bumped into this article on having your period during breastfeeding. Here are some of the most important findings:

You are more likely to get your periods back sooner if:

  • your baby is sleeping for more than four hours at a time during the day or sleeping for more than six hours at a time at night
  • your baby has begun to eat solid foods
  • you are supplementing some breastfeeds with formula milk or water
  • your baby uses a dummy
  • your baby is feeding less often during the day and for less time at each feed

Your periods are less likely to return if:

  • you’re feeding your baby often during the day, without giving her extra fluids or solids
  • your baby uses your breast for comfort sucking as well as feeding
  • you sleep with your baby
  • you carry your baby close to you in a sling or carrier during the day

Our baby belongs to both lists…

In short, one thing I would love to do during this period though, that is having chocolate with no guilt, so… dessert for tonight, hot coco with my homemade fudge brownies!

Time now to give little one a feed, good night for now.




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