Pear Soup – A traditional cold remedy

Another sunny day in Melbourne, 24 degrees, soft wind, just love spring!

But the side effect of changing season is getting sick easily. Our little Zonni just recovered from her 2 weeks flu a week ago, another one came to attack her again yesterday. Even though Dr said getting cold is quite normal, getting several colds during months time is common, fever is OKAY as long as it doesn’t go up to 39 -40 degree….., still its painful to see this little human suffer. I do wish she passes all the germs on to me so she can be well sooner.

Based on my past experience, she would be having no appetite, clingy and weak.  A few things I need to do:

  • Checking her temperature every hour just to keep eyes on it.
  • Making sure she has enough fluid in case of dehydration.
  • Cooking light food, such as congee with a pinch of salt, fruit puree,  etc.
  • Giving her loads of cuddles and letting her rest as much as she wants. A good sleep is quite essential for her to get better. If she’s tired, let her nap, even though its not the time yet. To be honest, this is just my own opinion, since I know my own daughter and when she’s sick, I don’t want to be to strict on the disciplines.

3:30pm, She’s already slept for nearly 1 hour, but woke up a few times in between because of her cough. I was told by Dr that coughing is not a big concern if there’s no difficulty of breathing, but its always recommended to get checked out to see whether there’s any infection.

I’m making some soup to ease her cough. Its a recipe from my folks, which they got from their older generation, so its kinda like a classic traditional Chinese cold remedy. Here to share and hope you find it helpful:

Little Cold Remedy – Pear Soup


  • 1 or 2 ripe pears
  • Around 20 grams of crystal sugar (for little ones under 2, I choose not to use sugar)
  • 1l of water


  • Roughly chop the pitted pear(s) in pieces, you don’t have to peal it since you won’t need to eat the fruit eventually unless you want to
  • Put the pear chunks in a pan and fill it with 1 L water
  • Boil it then; turn the fire down to medium or low and simmer for 15 minutes. Or, until the pear is super soft.

The pear soup is used to ease the cough and to avoid colds in Chinese culture, and it does work on me and my friends, who are from different cultural backgrounds. So it might be worth of trying.

Hope this little cold remedy doesn’t just benefit me but some of you too.

Happy day and hope you all have a great weekend ahead!





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