Traveling with Bub – The Packing list

When planning, packing is a big part of it. Our destination is New Zealand and it’s a 4 hour flight from Melbourne to Wellington, then we will be driving to Lake Taupo, then up to Auckland for the last two days. So we have to pack for the whole week for a family of three without packing up the whole house. Hmmm, not so difficult for us two, but speaking of Zonni, she definitely occupies most of our luggage.

I made the following packing list:

Small items

  1. Nappy (5, at least enough for the flight over)
  2. Singlets (10,  1 for each day and one extra for ‘surprises’. Don’t know about you but I will have no time to do laundry while travelling)
  3. Tops (5-6)
  4. Pants (5-6, boys might need more for any possible no.1 incidents)
  5. Socks (2, I brought way too many, she only wore 1 pair the whole trip. Just bring a neutral color so it matches everything)
  6. Hats (quite essential if you choose to use a carrier some times. One sun & one winter hat just in case. )
  7. Jacket (2, one thin blouse and one thicker jacket)
  8. Pajamas or sleeping bags ( 1 or 2 would be enough. Personally I prefer sleeping bags, convenient to carry her and no need to worry about her kicking off the quilt)
  9. Eating bowl (1)+spoon(2, one to feed &one for playing)
  10. Water bottle (for the flight and strolling around)
  11. Chowing toys(2, but better not too big)
  12. Blanket (thin ones, bring 2; enough for us)
  13. Bag of wet towels ( we didn’t give her a bath while traveling, but every day I used a wet towel to clean her hands, face and folds, especially under her chin)
  14. Small hand towel for a gentle clean
  15. Small bottle of baby cream is recommended since it helps to keep her skin moist and tender.
  16. A roll of doggy bag is perfect to bring for packing her dirty diapers, so grab one at any 1 dollar shop.

Larger Items

  1. Car seat ( when booking the car they were all booked out; so book in advance, or if you’re impulsive as us, bring your own)
  2. Pram (we bought a light weight umbrella pram, cheap too. So you don’t have to worry about picking up a broken one at the airport, where the staff won’t appreciate your pram as much as you. Also, I put a lamb skin mat on the top to make it more comfy for her)

I think that’s the complete packing list!

Well, we’re still learning, this is just our side of the story. So feel free to leave comments if you have some ideas to share regarding things we missed in our packing list!

Now lets head to the road!! Yeah!!!

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