New Day Resolution

Its quite popular to make a New Year Resolution, however, here I am going to make a New Day resolution.

My New Day resolution is getting up earlier than my little one everyday. Not just 10 minutes earlier but 2 hours earlier.

I know this can be super challenging and “impossible” (quoted my hubby).

“Maybe you should start small, like half hour by half hour each day.” My smart hubby suggested and I did agree.

So this is what I did to start with, first day I woke up at 6am, then next day 5:50am, then……

“Wow, you’re achieving what you are aiming at!” You must be saying.

No No No, I woke up later and later each day from the third day onwards, since I think I am and I can do this little by little, then every little minute seems it didn’t matter to me anymore, and I’m back to where I began. So my first trial failed.

“Why do you even bother to try? You’re up early anyway, I wish I could sleep till 7 just like you but my little one was up since 5 and I feel sleepy all day! I need that 2 hours sleep sweetie, can we swap?” Friend was half joking.

I know I’m lucky enough to have my little Zonni sleep through the night till 7, and that’s exactly why I need an early start of the day, its a circle and if I start well, then the circle contiunes to be a good one. And I need to push myself through so I can maintain this good circle, for the sake of all our health in my little family.

A few reasons why I gave myself this project:

1, Make a better use of the time: 10 minutes can make a big difference in the morning when I can use that to get myself a cup of warm tea, or get the breakfast ready, or I can start a load of laundry, or walk the dog, brainstorm my next assignment, or…… So now think of you having 2 hours ahead, then you can get all of this done before the little chatter box wakes up and occupy all your time before your even busier day starts.

2, Take initiative and be proactive: When you begin your day by chasing after your little one, cleaning up whatever she’s done, I can’t help thinking of turning this another way around. Why can’t I take intiative, make the use of my early start to plan ahead, get things in order before it even has the chance to get messy. Then my passive mind will be changed into proactive and positive mode, so everyone in the house has a routine to follow instead of creating a new routine every single day.

3, Be more efficient and have my own time: the extra time I have (not so called extra when you all have 24 hours per day, but just the time I sacrificed from sleep), which I can utilize to do things I love but can’t make it happen during the day when there’s toddler running around. 6o’ clock, early gym session is my top choice; or I can just sit down for a cuppa and read whatever I love to read; catchup with some morning news, instead of watching Wiggles or listening to Sesame street again and again; or last option would be getting started with my long due assignment.

Hope I enjoy this race with time, and I will definitely keep you all posted about how I go 😉


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