Negative thinking vs Positive thinking

Caught up with a friend of mine with a new born boy, looking at her big boy, she said:

“I can’t think of the fact that one day I won’t be with him anymore, as I so very much want to be with him all the time and for always”

What a negative thinking and pessimistic thing to say and which definitely doesn’t help creating a positive vibe. So I responded:

“Well, that’s why our most important job is to raise our baby up with our best effort and make sure they will have a nice life even without us, safe and sound!”

“Hehe, that’s right! ”

I can’t help thinking: probably we’re a lucky bunch with busy life and still too much time to think, and…start thinking too much, and that’s when the negativity kicks in. Maybe when people weren’t that busy with life, they would stop the negative thinking & start living…positively?

Maybe, I mean maybe, the way to motivate our little ones to be tough & positive is trying not to spoil them too much…..I laughed loudly in my head.

Anyway, feel like making some lemon sugar cookies, perfect for uplifting the mood;))

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