A mum with a Dream

This is something has been running around in my mind for the last few hours.. why did you study?

I’m studying at the moment, to be precise I am studying translation and interpreting. This has always been an interest of mine and I love to be translator and interpreter since the first time I saw an interpreter working aside a business conference. “I could do that! It would be great if I’m in that position!” I said to myself in my mind… a very long time ago. Then things happened, life keeps surprising and changing you, from a little girl with a dream till the grown up lady with a hubby and child. Life can be very much different, and while you’re moving on, you forget about your original self.

Soo many trifle things around you teach you that life needs you to be tough, efficient and independent. You need to find a job, work from the bottom and earn the income to support you independence.

mum dreamLiving thousands miles away from family does give a freedom of not getting restrained and told off all the time, but it comes with a price. So here I am, sitting in my little cubicle in the deadly quiet branch, earning basic salary as a banker, counting the minute till 4 so I can run to my car and pick up my little sweet girl. That…… is the best moment of my day.

Had a conversation with my colleague, she just said straight to my face: “You should do what I do. Learn to be a financial consultant. It’s a nice job for people who are parents especially when it comes down to the flexibility to work everywhere and stop working any time of the day.”

“I would love to change my position since I’ve been doing what I’m doing for a long time, its getting boring and totally challenge-less.”

“Change then!”

“But opportunities are not so open to a part-timer like me. I have to work part-time so I can look after my kid and study.”

“Work full time and put her in childcare full time then. Why do you study? What are you studying?”

“Translating and Interpreting.” I said with pride.

“What do you study that for?!” She said that out loud and I was speechless for a few seconds to be honest, I don’t know what to say, or how to answer.

When everyone around you is busy making money and running around for his/ her career, you’re still fighting to work out what exactly you want to do in your life, you do feel really frustrated and confused. Maybe not all of you would agree, but being a mum is the best and hardest job on earth, and I love doing that! But seeing my little sweetheart growing up everyday makes me more and more want to be a great role model for her to look up to. She will be whatever she sees and grows up in.

If I wish my little one growing up strong, hardworking and capable, then I have to be one myself. Even though mothering is a super hard job, I don’t want my kid saying to me one day:” what do you do mum? You’re not working.” without realising how much effort I have put in, and myself at the end have no life of my own. I love her 100% but I won’t be 100% of her life in the future, who knows how soon that will happen.

So life moves on and I need to get out there and do what I love, at least trying my best to get to the stage of doing what I love, no matter how much more work I have to contribute, how others see this, whether they think its stupid or not, I just need to focus and keep reminding myself why am I doing this.

No explanation and NO REGRETS!

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