Tantrum|Happy Friday Morning

Crazy crazy morning I have to say. Proudly speaking, I have been always collected in front of little one when she’s throwing a tantrum, but I was at the edge of loosing it this morning.

7:30, little Zonni woke up with her typical whining face and I thought, alright, lets do the usual thing by turning on the music box so she can wiggle a bit. Nope! Not today. She kept pointing at the door crying for something, something that I have absolutely no idea about. The door? The dog? The….the what?! That’s the moment when I wish she could just explain to me what she wants instead throwing this tantrum of crying for invisible requests.

You sometimes just get so surprised (in a shocking way) how big the voice can be that comes out of this little body.

7:50, finally got her top on and chased after her to get the pants on her, she started showing me all the little animals on the quilt sheet, and any reaction she didn’t expect would get her tears out, and you would get pretty frustrated if you are not good at this game. Its like playing pictionary without knowing the answers, everything counts on guessing. OMG!

8:00, 15 minutes before we have to get out the door, we started our brekki, and we both realised that it’s going to be another super late day for work.

That’s even OK-ish. Until this “little angel” (at least we keep telling ourselves she is one) all of a sudden loves doing some wiggle while standing on her high chair while holding the pancake instead of nicely sitting down as usual. I know what you are thinking, we did try to sit her down and all we get as return was high pitch crying and unhappy tears.

“just last bite sweetie and we need to go.” I worked really hard on my temper at that moment and stared at her nearly finished pancake in her cute little evil hand. “No!” she frowned back and firmly expressed her attitude.

“Then give it to mommy.” I showed my hands, and in other days, she would give it to me, and this morning, all the disciplines and manners disappeared to nowhere. “uuuuwaaahhhhhh!” Here we go again.

“What a morning! Well, lets say she woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” Smart hubby stated.

True, as we all do some times…

Anyway, we eventually managed to get us all ready, teeth brushed, shoes done, jackets on, bags packed and dishes were in the dishwasher, done and out of the house by 8:30 am. Don’t ask me how as I was totally disoriented and lost track of all the steps.

Fortunately, the childcare drop off was a happy one, guess she thought she knows she’s done enough for the day.

Now getting a STRONG cappuccino @ White Rabbit, of course for us both, my new favourite little cafe and kiss my smart hubby goodbye before he got on the train..

Hope you all have a great Friday and super lovely weekend ahead with not too many tantrums!



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