New Life with Big Two

Right leg gently rocking the pram while typing my first blog in weeks, and trying to tidy myself up before going out in 30 minutes. I never thought I could be multitasking like this, and seeing that little face which was grumpy for that last 2 hours finally became peaceful, I’m happy the trick worked.

 Well, happy too early, she just proved I’m wrong by starting the crying. Alright, back in who knows how many minutes, but have to settle her down before I can do anything!

 Alright, quickly finish this since I don’t think I get much time today for the comfortable writing. Had a lovely drop off of my little Zonni at childcare, and arrived there at a record breaking time – 9:00!

 In the last few times, dropping off was a dreadful experience, every time I told myself I need to get up early and make sure everything is ready, and hubby was also on board with this power hour plan. However, in reality, it doesn’t work that way people! No matter how early we got up, how prepared we were, these little creatures don’t ever choose the right time to throw a tantrum just because we couldn’t find her little toy to bring to childcare (well, thanks to you little one for throwing everything everywhere!), a proper location to ask for a feed, or a correct moment to disagree with the outfit (maybe this is a girl thing). Then 30 minutes late became 2 hours late, apparently someone still has to go to work, then leaving me back home dealing with these two, once I finish feeding the younger one, the older sis got hungry too, after some snack, everyone finally all ready to go, and looking at the clock, it was 10am already, where did the morning go?!

 I realised this can’t be our new daily routine, its just not efficient enough, we need to get used to our new life with two kids as quickly as possible and have to make this work more efficiently. Alright, we need to know all the windows and fully take advantage of it, once you miss one window, next one will be a long wait.

 So this is what I have been doing and looks like it does the trick so far: 

  1. List the thing we need to do in the morning before kiddos are up and running, try to be simple and allocate tasks to us both equally so won’t be job overload for one person;
  2. Write down the things you want to do today, not many, max 3, for me at the moment, I would say thank gosh if I can finish one, apart from all the feeding, cuddling, dropping off Zonni and etc, all these regular duties.
  3. Its just like mission impossible to get some decent length of time to rest, so close your eyes when you’re feeding, even just 10 minutes it counts!
  4. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself thinking how many more things you can do, yes, you can do a lot and you will always have loads of stuff to be done, but this is not a quick run, it’s more like a marathon without a finishing line, you need to take in step by step and train yourself in the pace where you can still recognize yourself, and become stronger without turning into mental.

 I can’t believe I actually can finish this piece of writing, but I nearly can’t feel my leg after rocking the pram for this long. Time for a break and going to shut my computer and take a walk.

 Let me know if you agree or have any other advice, we are super open for it!





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