Melt Away Chocolate Festival Melbourne – What a JOKE!

Remember a few years ago, the first time I attended a chocolate festival and it was held in a massive warehouse in Dockland, and it left me some awesome memories. Mistakenly I thought that the Melt Away Chocolate Festival Melbourne was the same one. We bought a $50 family entry (with a discount voucher, luckily) and went with my parents who actually cancelled their friends catchup, just because I told them how wonderful the previous chocolate event was.

Lets forget about how long it took us to find the venue, which was nearly 45 minutes. The moment I saw a large white tent standing  in the middle of the square was enough to make me feel disappointed. “That’s it?!” I was reconfirming from my hubby and apparently that was it! “You call this a festival or a party? and you have to pay for the entry?” Hubby was a bit annoyed. Funny enough, my parents were standing right in front of it and asked me :” where is this festival you were talking about?” I felt so embarrassed to drag them here and had to point at that tent saying:” that is the one.”

“Maybe its nice inside.” Parents were trying to be positive. We walked in, I have to say, it feels like you’ve popped in a chocolate shop, the small kind, or better, someone’s backyard with a few tables set up for a party. The only difference would be this backyard party is overpriced! I thought to make the most of it since we’ve paid for the entry, plus already the whole family got stuck in here. Apart from only one stall has a few chocolate to taste, everything else in the venue you had to pay for. Flavour wise, really not impressed, one stall’s peanut flavoured hot chocolate tasted burned.

We understand organizing an event is no easy task but at least you can be honest! Who would thought the organizers dared to call Melt Away Chocolate Festival a “festival” while they just had the capability to pull off a party instead. WHAT A JOKE!

However, the free boat trip across the water can be seen as the highlight of this event. But we would not know if we didn’t go to the waterfront to take photos since there’s no sign around the venue to inform you about it….

All in all, we won’t recommend anyone to go to the Melt Away Chocolate Festival, even if this fest returns in the future, we won’t be interested unless they learn how to be true to the public.


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