First day – Maternity Leave

It’s my first day of my maternity leave, I have to say, all of a sudden, I really don’t know how to relax, even I know that’s the only thing I need to and should do right now. So many plans I want to put into place, so many things on my mind I want to do, however, right now, the limited amount of strength is what I posses.

Dropped off hubby, picked up luckey, got banking sorted,  finally I’m home for a bit of rest, and I couldn’t stop but getting some laundry done.

It’s just my first day and I pretty much want to finish everything on my list. Realistically speaking, it’s just not possible. I can feel my energy is like a graph, going up in the morning and dropping off to the bottom during the afternoon. Honestly, I’m speechless but I assume this is the normal case before the birth.

Like a friend of mine said:

Just enjoy this period of “me” time and put your feet up before you have no time to do that.

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