Making noises

Something fun, I’m taking baby Zonni’s newborn photo today yeah! Just came up with this idea yesterday and too rushy to find any good and proper priced photographer, so I’ve decided to DIY, hubby-approved.

Got another 20 minutes till next feed, so here I am, writing another piece of advice.

We’re very lucky with our baby girl; she is not a crying baby and can easily sleep through the day if we don’t wake her up for a feed. Last night, we even had a 6-hours-sleep straight! At the beginning, hubby was quite worried about making noises while the baby was sleeping , but I remember a friend of mine reminded me once: “ don’t avoid making noises on purpose, just let the baby get used to your normal routine and environment. Of course don’t make loud noises on purpose either.” So far, baby Zonni is quite used to the normal sound around her, no matter where we put her, she can easily fall asleep whenever she should.

Okay, timer rang, time for little girl’s lunch. Main meal: the left booby; and dessert: the right booby.

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