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Ahhhhhhhhh…….Forgive me, I just want to find a place to yell out without waking anyone up, and here I am. One reason, three words, LAST MINUTE PACKING.

Packing is always my strength, not like I love it but I’m the only one in the house who is willing to take on this job. And honestly, there’s a huge difference between packing for yourself and packing for yourself including little one. I can hear many of you say “YES!!!”

Well, how do I start.

Last time when I was talking about travelling with littlie was last Christmas to New Zealand. She was just 6 months and I was still breastfeeding, so food was easily ticked off. Even though we had a lot more extras in our luggage, a stuffed nappy bag and a stroller, we still had a quite enjoyable and light weighted trip. This time, I can’t believe I’m feeling uncertain. Remember the list I made in my last travel blog? Alright, that list is going to be so much longer.

Based on my own understanding of our child, plus all kinds of interesting and stressful experience my friends passed on to me, I need to amend our ideal thinking a big time! Looking at the mountain of clothes on the bed, the loads of snacks we want to bring for “just in case”, toys we try to use to distract little Zonni from the long flight, and of course, bottles, nappies, wipes, cups…..all the other little things that show the world our little princess is growing up!

I need to have a break before I figure out how to put all these into our two suitcases, 1 nappy bag and two back packs. Gosh, help me!


Alright, I’m back and all settled for the last minute packing! Even though it took more than two hours to stuff them in, we’re good to go. This time, I’ve added a few compulsory items for the flight as follows:

Sippy cup

last minute packing tips - sippy cupSippy are an awesome tool for taking off and landing, apparently it was recommended by the doctor, that drinking is better than sucking, so using sipping cup rather than bottle! The
ones we prefer are the cups from Oxo .

Snackspetit miam - yogurt - last minute packing tips

Bring plenty of snacks! Rice crackers, baby cookies, hard boiled eggs, bananas and yoghurt pouches or whatever your little ones eats normally. It’s perfect for the flight, trust me!


I found its quite handy to have some small books in your bag, preferably fabric ones. It’s great for cuddle and bedtime, and/ or just playtime.

Teething Toysteething toy - last minute packing tips

For my little Zonni, teething toys were super helpful since she’s been teething like forever!

Milk bottle

There’s always fresh milk on board for your little one, just ask for it!

 wondersuit - last minute packing


Perfect for sleeping; bring one or two (just in case)

Strollerstroller - last minute packing tips

As I said in my last travel post, this is a life saver when you’ve to wonder around in the airport. Just get one of the standard ones and don’t bring the one you use on a daily basis as they will break.


Back pack as I found it’s so much easier when you carry essentials on your back rather on your shoulder, especially when this little one wants to walk all the time.


Ipad if you want, download some kids shows and programs just in case the little evil needs some entertainment. Little Zonni’s concentration is zero in front of the screen, so iPad wasn’t that much a helper, but might be handy for some of you though. Its 21 century, so lets embrace the new technology, to certain level.

The list isn’t too long hopefully,  and we do wish this can provide some last minute packing tips and practical ideas for proud mommies and daddies, and contribute a bit to your upcoming adventures.

2am, and I’m still up, exciting? Maybe. Nervous? Probably.

Anyway, time for some rest and get ready for our big journey tomorrow.

Good night you all.

Sweet dreams.








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