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Baby monitor on the left, phone on the right, most importantly, a long black in my hand, alright, all set!

Its been a quite hectic few days. Little Zonni is sick since she came back from childcare on Tuesday. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not playing blaming game but honestly, no one would love and care about the child as much and detail as the parent. Next day, she got a high fever and started her unsettling experience.

She’s been having high fever since Wednesday night and last night, it went up to 39.5. The temperature always drops during the day and the time we went to doctor, her temperature was normal again. This is confusing and frustrating, since you can’t show the symptoms to the doctor, apparently they won’t treat it like a urgent matter in that case.

Called health nurse two nights in a row and was told the same, if the temperature isn’t higher than 39.5, you don’t have to go to the hospital. “Now its 39.5, should we go to the emergency room?” I asked, “Let me ask you a few essential questions then we might send a doctor to you.” the nurse answered. 4am is the time I called this morning, so a drop-in doctor would be handy. After a few regular questions, such as ” what’s her temperature? Does she drink? Is she taking enough fluids? Have you given her any medicine? Does she have any rash?images” and the result of the assessment was that “you need to go check from your doctor in the next 1 to 3 days”. When you see your own baby suffer from the high fever and having a  boiling hot body, that’s really not something you want to hear in the first place.

Luckily, the doctor we met before arranged an emergency appointment for us this morning, so at least a check up is going to happen without a long waiting list.

I’m feeling weak and absolute helpless at the moment after a lack of sleep in the last few days. Seeing little Zonni having such an uncomfortable time without being able to help to speed up the recovery. All I can do is giving her as many cuddles as she asks for and to keep a very close eye on her.

Alright, parents are coming to babysit a bit when I’m taking a shower washing off the vomit from little Zonni last night. Its such a blessing to have family around, especially when the going gets tough, their sweet words and big hugs are like a super power that encourages you to keep up the positive spirit. A piece of an advice here:” If there’s any offer to help, TAKE IT! If there’s not, then ask for it.” It will be always a wise move to appreciate the assistance from loved ones and you’ll find its such a precious thing to have in your life!

Little Zonni is having a more peaceful sleep tonight, can’t wait to see her smiley face tomorrow morning when she feels better. Wish you all have a good night sleep.



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