Happy Monday for a Busy Mum

Happy Monday everyone!!

As always, I think Monday is the day to start with finishing something small and hopefully it is a great beginning of the week. Little Zonni’s Meningococcal vaccine is due now, so I was trying to make an appointment. Surprisingly, the Dr we’ve been seeing is no longer working in the clinic, which was a big shock to start the day with. Luckily, they managed to arrange an appointment on Wednesday with another Dr. At least, one little thing is ticked off. Went to do another load of laundry after I had put Zonni down for a nap, saw a big pile of clothes unfolded lying on the bed like a small mountain, “alright, here goes another 15 minutes.” And after tidying up something here, something there in the house, I finally have the time to sit, enjoy a cuppa and do some writing.

Since we became parents, I feel like every minute counts and you can finish a few things within, as short as 20 seconds. Now I have 10 minutes before waking up our little bubba. The to-do list is getting longer and longer. Even though you might not even be able to recall whatever stuff you’ve done for the day, you were extremely BUSY! Well, one sentence to describe my day: Another day being a mum!

P.S. Questions been asked regarding little Zonni’s Meningococcal vaccine. Honestly, I’m no expert and the reason we get her this vaccine was generally recommended by our GP after we’ve consulted her. So if any of you have doubts and questions, please consult from your local GP. It might be different among countries or/and areas, but the Meningococcal B vaccine is not governmental funded at the moment. Here’s a link that some of you might find helpful.

Thanks for popping in!



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