Hand foot and mouth disease – another new term to make bubba tougher

Its unbelievable that the last time I wrote something was months ago. From the day little zonni opened her eyes, my life doesn’t have time exist, I completely have no feeling about the time, it just went by like crazy!

Now she starts crawling around the house, mumbling “papa mama gaga dada yaya”, clapping her little fluffy hands, shaking her head telling me “no more food” (probably she has no idea). Sometimes, as in all the time, I check her old photos from months ago, and it feels like yesterday she was that little and clueless little creature. Now… she’s getting into her 10th month, and soon she’s going to be ONE!

Of course I’m not just here to be emotional about my sweet bubba’s rapid growth. Have you ever noticed that since you became a parent, you’ve learned so many new words and known how to deal with so many more nasty situations? And most of the time, you found your little one is actually tougher than you.

Little boy Jackie had a decreased appetite last time when we all caught up, none of us had realized anything unusual, thought it might be one off thing. However, it’s always good to get it checked up, since lack of appetite wasn’t the only thing Bella (Jackie’s mum) worried; she also found some red spots showed up in his palms.Hand foot and mouth disease

She texted us next day:” not surprised, its HFMD( Hand foot and mouth disease). You guys be careful, its quite contagious and not treatable, however, its not fatal disease. It’s just a very annoying one. “ Okay, I’ve just learnt something new again, and this time, it comes with washing all the toys they’ve shared, things they’ve touched, including my little person here. Well, luckily, she loves bath.

Even though this is not the event that every parent wants to attend, but sharing the germs is unavoidable. All we can do is to recharge ourselves with all kinds of information to confront these possibilities. So we all learn how to be tougher when we are teaching our children to be tough.

Hand foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a viral infection. It is not linked to the foot and mouth disease that affect animals. HFMD is mainly seen in children under the age of 10 or in young adults. It is easily spread from one person to another. Most people have had HFMD by the time they are adults. It rarely causes further complications and is very rarely fatal.

Lets wish we don’t ever have to deal with this, but just in case, here’s a link regarding HFMD, hope it will help.


Good luck!



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