Friendship and New Parenthood

Do you know how hard it is to even try to type when there are a pair of little “evil” palms smashing on the keyboard? let me tell you, the level of difficulty is 10 out of 10.

Finally after hours of playing, I put little Zonni down for an hour nap. Sorry for ignoring writing recently, basically because of the circle of germs. 1months ago, little Zonni caught a cold from childcare and passed it on to me. It started with a throat infection and now I got the flu. Fever, cough, runny nose, you name it. Anyway, I haven’t been my best for a while and for sure, I just can’t spare much energy to write.

Today,  purely because I got inspired by my friends’ message, I want to talk a bit about friendship.

Since I’ve become a mum, my network of friends has been recycled big time! Truth to be told, you loose some friends and gain some new ones. I love all my friends, either they’re single or taken, as long as they still tag along all the way till now, I know their friendship is genuine. Some of them might not involve in my life as often as before with one and only reason, we’re not in the same stage of life. But the friendship I want to emphasis on today is the ones I newly made soon after I joined the motherhood.

How I understand this is that being a parent is a life-long choice, so the friends you’ve made when you’re a parent will be also life-long.

I can’t help thinking about the message I got from a friend Julie, who I knew from the mum-bub yoga class a while ago.

“Thank you all for your unconditional friendship. All our bubs are all there with an ear to listen.”

So sweet and so true! I believe true friendship is formed at the right timing, has nothing to do with whether it comes early or late.

“Feeling is mutual. Great friends make the place you live more like a home.” Christy texted back.

Being a new parent, you know how precious it is  to have your own support group and how essential all these communication is. Your friendship is based on all the good and bad moments, tough and happy times, plus every challenges you face while raising your little one. You share the experience of having a newborn in your life, you enjoy the companionship, and more importantly you learn from each other.

Honestly speaking, its probably the hardest job being a parent. However, with these friends, my life is easier, at least you feel that way.

So all proud mums and dads, put yourselves out there, go to the playgroup, join the tiny tots, have fun in the park, talk to other parents, you will find out that parenthood will lead you to a way bigger world where you’ll enjoy so much learning, sharing and love.

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