Four month immunisation

I have been a bit slacky recently, and didn’t write much, one word…family. Our little one is getting into the active fourth month, my folks came to visit for 3 months while my sister in law is here for a short stay, life’s been very busy these weeks, in a good way for sure.

Today is one of these days with crappy weather, boring TV, relaxing baby who found her voice, lazy puppy lying on the couch, hubby enjoying some surfing online; and me, on the another hand, got my hands free so I can catch up some writing.

Yesterday, baby girl got her four month immunisation and didn’t feel quite well last night. Her temperature went up to 37.8 and was very unsettled. Called maternal helpline and was told that as long as her temperature is under 38 was not considered as fever; also, normally after the shot, we should be informed that above-average body temperature and diarrhoea could be part of the side effect, which won’t last longer than 24-48 hours.

Another piece of advice from them is that decreasing the body temperature by putting wet cloths soaked in cold water is not recommended. The sudden drop of the temperature might cause shivering and even more discomfort.

It’s a good instinct to consult from professionals and don’t think that you are paranoid. As parents, especially new parents, we’re learning so many thing about unknowns and it’s definitely worth  asking, even if its just for a piece of mind.

I’m keeping her at home for the whole day today, just for observation, plus the bad weather doesn’t really motivate me to get out of house anyway.

She is sleeping like an angel and now I can have a warm cuppa.


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