Flying tips for travelling with an infant

9 PM, singapore time, we’re here, waiting for our next flight to the Netherlands. What a trip and we’re so proud of our little girl. She’s like a champion. Now its time for the stroller to show its brilliance.

Okay, before we’re taking off again, let me just spell out some thoughts and some flying tips from our last flight.

1) Give your little one some snacks & things to drink

Feeding when taking off and landing is quite useful.  For instance, during take off I fed her some cookies and let her drank some water  from a sippy cup. This decreased her discomfort a lot.  Also, try the snacks which have a smooth texture, such as banana, bread, rice crackers.

2) Cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles.. 

flying tips: cuddles

Cuddles are a must around sleeping time. Our little Zonni was a light sleeper during the flight, I eventually ended up having her sleeping in my arms for hours. This gave me the thought that one extra seat would have been awesome. We requested the bassinet, however when there’s turbulence you have to take the baby out, and then the chaos starts (again)…..

3) Get an extra seat and/or ask for extra pillows

She refused to get back in and after 2 hours having a 10kg baby on my lap, I needed a toilet break. So another flying tip from us, beg one extra seat when you check in. If this is not possible, ask for more pillows when you get on board, as this will be very handy later as they make a perfect foot rest.

4) Be patient!

flying tips - patience

One most important flying is to be patient and do not care how other passengers look at you, you’re the one who is brave enough to take a baby in the plane and handle all the stress, so give yourself some credit, and who cares how others think about you. Whoever is not looking, they understand.

Hope these flying tips can help and please feel free to add your own flying tips below.



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