First day at childcare

Today I want to talk about childcare. Simple reason, tomorrow is going to be my little Zonni’s first day at childcare! And honestly speaking I’m still not quite ready and that’s why we’re taking it slow. She’ll be going to childcare one day per week only, probably I’ll be picking her up before morning tea haha.

All seriousness, starting childcare is more nerve racking than we thought. First of all, there are quite a few options for us to choose in terms of childcare; second, you need to find the one that you and your child all feel comfortable about and mostly, you trust the people who work there; last but not least, which is also an important question to yourself, are you ready and if not when will you be ready?

After a discussion of choosing among childcare centre, home day care and hiring a nanny/au pair , we both realised childcare centre would be the most suitable way for us, particularly for the little one to have more interaction and opportunity to learn.

We had a list of childcare centers we wanted to check out, not a long one since we narrow down to a few just around the corner where we live. At least we have one thing agreed, the location has to be close to home.

Anpther thing we did was asking around. Since we are more likely choosing a childcare close to home, asking neighbors who send their kids to childcare would not be a stupid idea. I believe childcare as a service oriented organization, word of mouth can be essential. Eventually we decided on the childcare centre which is 5minutes away. Now the headache starts, we need to decide when we want to do it.

“Are you ready? ” hubby asked. I can see in his eyes that he is not. But there’s no hurt to have an orientation so we booked one. It’s usually 2hours and better choose morning since little ones normally have better mood during that time. You only need to bring bottles of milk/formula if necessary, they will provide some snack during morning tea. And you will be advised to get out of the room and “hide” yourself somewhere, like stuff room. It went well until little Zonni saw her sneaky mummy trying to have a peak. As the consequence, I heard the cry that I never heard before and don’t want to hear it the second time. It sounded tragic and loud, it can easily drag my tears and my heart out. “I am so not ready!” I told my hubby afterwards, so we postponed one month after another. Three months after last orientation we are giving it another shot and this time, no sneak peak.

one thing we’ve learned is that the older they get, the stronger self-awareness they have. Based on 2 other orientations we had recently, I can imagine tomorrow won’t be easy. Little zonni seems can feel something is going on and becomes super attached to us and difficult to get her settled.

Well, it may take longer but as a part of growing up, the only thing parents can do is be there for them as well as let them get out there to explore and learn.

Sweet dreams my little one and it’s gonna be a big day for you tomorrow! Hope you have a great one!!

Love be you so much!

love from your proud mummy and daddy


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