First Christmas with our little one

Ahh baby’s first Christmas! It was all planned out. The beautiful Christmas chocolate pudding was made days in advance, citrus cured salmon was prepared the day before, the whole house  was decorated like a cozy festival hut, we were all so looking forward to have our friends over to fill the room, so we can start celebrating our little one’s very first Christmas.

On Christmas eve, a nice dinner, some relaxing movies, after a long last minute shopping day, we couldn’t ask for more; however, there was more coming…we both got sick, stomach flu,  how interesting! The whole night I was busy getting along with the toilet, if you know what I mean, and as you can imagine, all of a sudden, Christmas day looks like a long day ahead for us.

With all the friends arriving in a few hours, we felt so weak that we couldn’t put up a meal on the pretty Christmas table.How embarrassing!!! Luckily, we have bunch of great friends, who care more about the quality of the companionship than the quantity of the dishes. One of them brought a huge lasagne, and another contributed a beautiful strawberry pavlova. We cut some bread with a few dipping, and I still managed to finish making some cute little almond berry tarts. Done, done and done!

It wasn’t how we planned, and there weren’t complete list of dishes on the table but we felt love and awesomeness of friendship.  The lunch was simple but relaxing, we all had a wonderful time chatting away and laughing aloud. The little one got loads of sweet gifts from her uncles and aunties, her joyful face and cutest smile were the best gifts for us on her first Christmas!

It all worked out eventually.

Sometimes things might not goes as planned, but as long as you share these moments with your loved ones, its always perfect!

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