Baby Cow Milk drama

Today is another step forward for little Zonni, she finally has started drinking pure cow milk! For many of you, this might not be an issue, but for us, its something we had to work on for a while.

After her 12 months check up, we were told that she can start
drinking cow milk now instead of formula. How convenient! We thought. However, the reality was a bit different…Zonni was not such a fan of cow milk. It feels like she has this radar, which can tell the difference between baby formula and cow milk, once the bottle of milk got close to her, she started frowning and threw the bottle away.  “Hope she didn’t get this milk drama from you.” My hubby joked about it. But I started worrying and was afraid that she might turn out like me disliking cow milk (no reason, just don’t like the smell of it that’s all).

So I “cheated” a bit by giving her the bottle;  half formula, half milk and mixed with a little bit of cold boiled water. Since the cow milk bottle incident, this little smarty became quite cautious. She was looking at the bottle and then put in her mouth having a taste, then, surprisingly, she started drinking! The experiment was a success!

From then on, I started giving her this secret mix every day for the last few weeks and gradually changing the portion, and she didn’t realise it at all. Just out of curiosity, I gave her a little bottle of pure cow milk this morning and was so excited to see her drinking it right away. Its another little achievement for me and my little cutie.

As a parent, every small step forward of your little one is big and you deserve to be proud of yourself and your little star.

Here as a proud mama, I wish you all have a great weekend and enjoy all the surprises your baby brought to you.



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