Counting down to new arrival!

Time flies! Now officially start counting down for our new arrival, if everything goes smoothly, hubby and me will be mummy daddy this Sunday!

Being really efficient and relaxing recently. Preparing nursery, buying goodies for hospital bag, which is nearly done, getting a balanced diet, doing loads of laundry, since I can imagine hubby will be covered by tasks when the baby is due.

Of course, the more I do back home the more I find what’s left, which is nerve-racking in a way. Anyway, like one of my colleagues said to me today, when I bumped into her in the shopping Centre, :

“Don’t think about whats gonna happen, think about NOW, focus on what’s happening at this moment, and just enjoy!”  

Precious words and great advice, I’m taking it!

Okay, hubby is back in 15 minute, have to go pick him up, luckey is becoming impatient, I know what she wants to do… as always…WALK 🙂 Iwill ask hubby to do that later. Now she’s staring at me using her cutest face, its nice to have her in our life.

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