Concentrating on yourself

Like many people said before, here i quote:

Life is all about balance.

i just wanna change a bit, Life is all about concentration.

As a new mum, you do feel lack of energy some time, i.e. all the time. After you’ve fed the baby multiple times and waken up couple of times during the night to check baby’s crying, you’re beat! For others, I’m totally having a relaxing day but actually i’m just trying to keep my eyes open.Like some other new mums, I would feel I’ve done a lot even after just finishing one washing.

One word, stamina. I need it back.

“How about running?” I asked doctor, “Good, but not recommended for the first 6months after birth. Jogging is the best. ” She said. “Just don’t push yourself too hard, walking and jogging everyday. Slow motion but keep doing it.”

Recently I found myself loving yoga, not because it helps me losing weight, actually not at all. However, it does teach me how concentrating on yourself, most importantly. When you’re focusing, you can get things done, one thing at a time. Instead of thinking about soo many things you want to do, which is the case for me and my other mummy friends, you might just concentrate on just one little thing at a time, and get it done.

It makes a difference. Now I’ve written one blog post, I’m happy.

Here’s a few simple yoga workout moves, just for your reference, do it with your cute bub.


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