Birthday Hat – First Birthday Party

Can’t believe its been a YEAR already! Where did the time go?! Looking at our little girl and I still feel like her birth was just yesterday. Apart from being proud of her and us, also quite excited preparing for her very first birthday party. In my mind, a perfect birthday party should be simple, cozy and creative. You don’t have to spend big, just a bit creativity and you’ll set up a magical party venue.

Here I will share with you some of my little projects to prep this special event. Starting with the birthday hat.

2days before her birthday party, and we just realized there’s no birthday hat yet. Nothing major but it can be a little highlight of the day. I really don’t want to risk buying one birthday hat online, plus I don’t think it is worth $25. So I tried googling for some inspiration and I am gonna make my own.

Step 1, For the base of the hat, you can easily find a printable design and print it out, then copy it on a cardboard, or even easier, you cn get a pack of simple party hats from target paying $1.75.

Step 2, getting a rough design in your head, and start getting the decorating materials. This is the design I came up with. The materials I used as follow:
Felt, 1pack
Felt Pom Pom 1pack with all sizes
Fabric glue

Step 3, cut the shape of the base
All you need to do is tracing the printable templet onto the felt and then cut it out. Then attach it to the cardboard. Then voila!

Step 4, decorating! My favorite part!! What I’ve used were a handful of felt pompom in different sizes and colors. The end result looks something like the one below:

birthday hat first birthday party








Good luck with your own birthday hats!



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