The Birth – What to expect and not expect

OKAY, this is how it (the birth) starts…

Can you believe last time I wrote here was the last time I wrote as a mum-to-be, now I’m writing right next to the cot, where the cutest little angel on earth sleeping in. Honestly, I never picture myself this much crazy about and protective towards my sweet little girl, but, I AM!!!!! I’m super madly in love with her, even miss her while she’s 10cm away from me.

2nd, July, 14 @1:30am, I woke up as usual but felt a wet bed, didn’t think that would mean anything. After an abnormally long pee, I became a bit cautious and started guess otherwise.

I looked down, found out some pink fluid came out of my body and it does ring a bell what it could be.  I slowly walked to the bed and woke up my hubby: “honey, I think my water just broke.”

“what?! Now?!” hubby jumped up and tried to wake up from the deep sleep.

The Birth and Delivery of a little girl

I tried to walk to the bathroom again to check, instead more and more pink fluid starts flowing from my lower body and dripping on the carpet, which was not the finest feeling and kinda wired to see.

However, fact was proved, my water was definitely broke and our the birth of our  baby is on the way, things, are going to be totally different.

Contraction started from around 2:30am, at the beginning was every 8mins apart, which was not slow already. Called hospital, they told me to observe for a bit longer, and ring them once it fastened to every 3-4 mins apart and 1mins long.

Then the longest night so far in my life began.

From 2:30 till 6am, I was home “enjoy” every moment of the contraction, tried to have some breakfast so I will have the energy to push later. Also, drank as much water as I can, however, it was really hard to get water into my mouth while I need it to do the deep breath.

It’s a quite challenging process, can’t say I’m having fun with it but knowing that I’m getting really close to see my baby does motivate me to tolerant the pain.

We packed up the last bit of the hospital bag, and on the way to hospital about 6:30. Arriving at the hospital, I remembered walking passing by a reception and a staff was smiling at me when I was breathing in and out, saying: “good luck!” well, I need that. I couldn’t walk too much anymore, the contraction was getting stronger and stronger, 3-4mins apart, 55sec-1min long, quite intense.

All I remember was my breathing and feeling of push, midwives and doctors wasn’t there all the time but they kept really close eyes on me, making sure there’s someone there checking my blood pressure and baby’s heartbeat, and timing my contraction, my dearest hubby-I have to give him the credit-was doing great listening to doctors timing my each contraction, observing and be there for me the whole time, without being panicking. Even though the noise I made would not be the best music for him to memorize. The moment I pushed baby out, he was there letting me squeeze his hands hard and I bet it’s the lifelong memory to witness the seconds the baby came out of my vagina. What a brave hubby plus daddy, I just love him more and more!

After good long 5 hours at hospital, finally at 11:38am, our little baby girl Zonni-lili arrived! Was a mixed feeling of joy and pain, but mostly, I was so proud of myself and so overwhelmed about the whole birth process. The moment I saw my daughter, I couldn’t be happier! We’re proud mama and papa now~!


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