Let the baby surprise you!

Bbaby surprises parentsaby girl has been very talkative recently and starts sleeping less during the day now, we guess her time to explore the world has begun!

Had a nice catchup with mummy group friends, great to see bundle of cute babies and be part of their growth. Big Jackie (4 & a half-months)starts putting on a lot of weight these days; while little Mel (nearly 3months) has been eating more, and going to attend her first Halloween party this weekend; tough Aron(14 weeks) had his allergy but after putting on a different type of cream, he got his smooth skin back.

“Mel rolled over yesterday! Twice!! ” Molly was very excited. “Really?! That’s big!” We all felt quite happy about this little baby surprise. Apparently, a big part of our life now is formed of many little bits and pieces of our little ones. It’s amazing to see how a little human develops stage after stage. “Lili is trying to grab stuff but she seems like to have no interest rolling over whatsoever…” I said it with a laugh pretending relaxed, honestly I’m a bit worried, nothing to do with my little one  but worried about whether there’s anything I haven’t done enough, so she doesn’t wanna roll.

“You silly!” Hubby said to me that night “she’s getting there. Every baby is different.” I felt guilty and better at the same time. Guilt from being thinking too much, better as in I know why I think that way…I’m just mum-like.

Every baby has her own routine to taste this world, there’s no fixed manual to tell you what should they do at which stage.

Just let your baby surprise you!

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