Australia day fun run with the little one

The sky is blue, clouds are white, sun is shining and the air is fresh after a short rainfall! Can’t find a better weather to have
our first family fun run on this beautiful Australia day. Checked the temperature, 21 degrees, its just perfect! 6:30am, we were all up and ready, even the little one was feeling the vibe and quite cheerful.

Gave her a feed plus solids, which was a very wise move before a long morning. The starting point was at the Dromana information centre, where we found a huge crowd. We immediately blended in since we are not the only family group here, many families were running with their kids and even dogs. So I hope we won’t be the last one to reach the finish line with such “fierce” competition, and I didn’t prepare for the run at all.

The run (well, mostly walking for us) was 5.3km for the family groups, and it took us 1:40hr to finish while we were chatting with other contestants and taking photos of the crystal blue ocean view. It was more like a family road trip rather than a marathon. And I can’t believe that we actually finished it without a stop, and the little girl was awesome and smily all the way. Of course, we went back home with a proud medal and a happily exhausted baby! What a dear diary moment 🙂

With our happy hearts as proud mommy and daddy, we wish everyone a wonderful Australia day!


And thanks for dropping by 🙂


p.s. if you’re interested in these type of events, you can always google it. Or check this link, its really a fun and healthy way to celebrate the day.




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