A summary of 2015 and hi to 2016

2016 starts in a few hours. Yes, since we’re in the Netherlands at the moment,  so got another few hours for me to take advantage  to summarize my 2015!2015, what a year!

Our little Zonni was 1 year old!

Made bunch of new best friends:)

brought our little one back in China the first time for Chinese new year

Hubby changed his job right before Christmas

Travelled back to Europe with little Zonni for the first time

Getting our first home loan

Trip to a new country– Ireland

and don’t forget to mention….I started this blog!

How quick the glance!

Its been an interesting year filled with ups and downs, good and bad. Mostly, happiness with my little Zonni, growing up altogether with my baby and hubby.

Here I just want to quickly look back the 2015 before we say hi to 2016, it’s unknown and exciting I believe. I’ve learnt so much being s new parent and it’s a non-ending road of absorbing new knowledge. It’s such a enjoyable journey joining parenthood, however, it’s not an easy job and exhaustion is always there. Lesson learnt, no matter how tiring you are, get yourself out there, take a walk, do a run, have a facial, enjoy a gym session, plan a road trip. In a nutshell, never stop being yourself.

Life wise, we’ve had a quite busy year. Hubby was busy working hard and nagging even harder. Little Zonni was busy and happily growing up. Me? Being a full time mom, does that tell it all already?

Well, I know the new year is going to be a joyful and gorgeous year! We’ve done well in 2015, and keep up the good job 2016!

Happy New Year to all proud mommies and daddies!







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